Mission Work in Canada

Whether at home or abroad, Canadians are making their mark in mission work. They are raising significant financial support for world evangelism, and serving in many ways.

From the Pacific coast of Vancouver to the ever-growing metropolis of Toronto, God continues to raise up new generations of missionaries in Canada. This Missiographic will give you a snapshot of current missions in this country.

Missions in Canada

The multiethnic nation of Canada has a rich and diverse religious history. While Christianity is still the dominant religion, over 100 other faiths have found acceptance within a tolerant Canadian society.

Many missionaries are working in rural areas of Canada where a variety of cultural and socioeconomic issues exist. These communities are often described as “rural ghettos.” Some missionary organizations have developed outreach programs to address these needs.

These committees provide a wide variety of materials for use in local evangelism, including radio messages, Bible courses and pamphlets. They also support and encourage missionary efforts overseas. To learn more about missions in Canada, check out the April-June 2019 issue of EMQ. The article, “From Sea to Sea: A Canadian Context,” provides an overview of the current state of missions in this country. It includes a wide range of perspectives from church leaders, missionaries and other scholars. The articles offer an encouraging picture of the health of the mission movement in this country.

Church Planting

Church planting is the process of starting a new local church in a different location. This can be done in several ways, but it should be distinguished from church development, which involves adding new services or worship centers to an existing congregation. Church planting is an essential part of the missionary process because it helps existing churches reach new groups of people.

While there are many different types of mission work in Canada, church planting is one of the most important. Church planters are often dedicated to an exhausting and sometimes painful venture of faith, and they are willing to take risks for the sake of spreading the Gospel. They also have a unique perspective on the missionary journey, as they are closer to the needs of their community and are more in touch with local issues. They also have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the future of their city.


Evangelism is sharing the message of God’s love for people in many different ways. This can be done through personal meetings, Bible studies, or other events. Evangelism is an important part of missionary work in Canada and around the world.

The church must be ready to share the gospel with anyone who will listen. Evangelism is also about teaching the biblical principles of the faith and living out those truths in a pluralistic society.

Missionary work in Canada is challenging due to the high rates of poverty and substance abuse among indigenous peoples. Many of these people live on reserves, which are often described as “rural ghettos.” Village Missionaries are committed to building relationships with members of the indigenous community and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

Many churches in Canada support missions around the world. These missions help to alleviate poverty through education, health care, and other forms of aid. These efforts are coordinated by mission aid workers, who receive monetary contributions from local churches.

Foreign Missions

Many local churches in Canada are involved in foreign mission work, either on a continuous basis or during special emergency relief efforts. The Cornerstone Church of Hamilton, for example, has missionaries in northern Brazil and Indonesia through its mission board. Other mission boards, such as Camino Global (formerly CAM International of Canada), journey with Spanish speakers to transform communities and equip believers around the world. These committees promote their work through radio messages, literature distribution, Bible courses, Vacation Bible school and neighbourhood Bible study groups.

They also raise significant financial support for OM projects worldwide and recruit short-term workers. Those who wish to join a foreign mission organization must be committed to Jesus Christ and have strong communication skills. A background in healthcare is particularly helpful for those wishing to serve in medical missions. A foreign mission may be accredited to a sending country in Canada, which means it is granted certain duty and tax relief privileges.

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